Timed post idea: Tiger Woods arrested in South Florida

Tiger Woods arrest on CNN.

News blogs and newspapers are already exploring Tiger Woods recent arrest on DUI suspicion. The fact happened on the morning of Monday, May 29th,  the Memorial Day holiday and has already at 2:45pm been all over the internet.

Major newspapers websites, tv stations and golf blogs will have an easier time ranking for these since they are closely related to the topic. But if you want some sustained traffic about Tiger Woods, an article about his life, his achievements as a golfer, and all the controversies he has been involved with will surely bring you some traffic.

His name is still popular, despite his ‘retirement’ from the golfing world. He is back playing, but he is not one the best anymore.

Tiger Woods arrest on CNN.

A timeline like the one published by CBS Sports will cover most of those achievements and tell about his life.

A search on Google Trends shows that people still search for him, even though interest has been declining. Goosipcop took a different approach and featured the fans reaction on social media.

Tiger Woods interest on Google Trends.